Various - The Greatest Songs Ever (sampler)

Thomas 08/09/2006

Rating: 3/5

How's this for a simple idea; why not collect together
some of the best music from around the world into
handy little packages? Luckily, Petrol Records have
decided to do just that and put out a disc for each region of their choosing, picking fifteen tracks to whet appetites on this compilation.

All the way from Gypsyland (nomads in 'not ignored' shock!) Zoran Predin's 'Adijo Pamet' is a bittersweet treat Gogol Bordello fans will love, while other standouts include Brazil's famous 'Mas Que Nada' performed by Elza Soares (you'll know it) and a rich, lively rhumba from Cuba's Los Naranjos.

It's not all good of course, Althea & Donna's poppy but dull 'Uptown Top Ranking' is a strange choice considering the rich heritage of Jamaica, while perennial Eurovision duds Spain are once again poorly represented, this time by Jose Merce's overwrought, chest-bursting 'Mammy Blue'. But these are relatively small gripes; despite some odd choices, this sampler does wonders to remind anyone raised on a diet of Western indie that 'broadening your musical horizons' can sometimes be good to take more or less literally.

Petrol Records