Steveless - Popular Music In Theory

Thomas 03/10/2005

Popular music in their freakish dreams. A nail in the head. Popular music in that evil parallel universe off Star Trek where evil Mr Spock had a beard to show he was evil. Popular music in hell.

This is 12 tracks of the sounds they played out of helicopters to scare the Vietcong, the sounds they used to torture Al Qaeda prisoners, and in fact the sound of some people from Bristol twatting around and shouting.

Bash bash bash nnnng SHOUT SHOUT beep beep and begin again. And this, the press release informs, is their new tuneful indie-rock direction.

I can add little to a previous GIITTV review of this band that featured a sense of black, helpless despair not seen since Kelly Jones: Live and Acoustic left some cities in ruins at the turn of the millennium. So let us take this threat seriously: anyone likely to attain pleasure from this band must be destroyed before they can reproduce.