Favourite Sons - Down Beside Your Beauty

Sam Floy 25/11/2006

Rating: 3/5

Favourite Sons are another gentle rock band that are trying to merge their way into this already packed musical scene. The songs on this album are aesthetically pleasing, but nothing more. Vocalist, Griffin, has an appealing voice to front the equally pleasing instruments - layered impressively with undercurrents of sharp melodies.

A few songs on the album to stand out from the rest “Tear the Room Apart” is a melancholic track both musically and lyrically and has the effective use of guitar drones, masking the more positive piano notes that struggled to get to the foreground. “It makes me want to tear the room apart, when I think of you dying”, a poignant line in this reflective song.

However, so that you don't get too downbeat, a much more lively blaring number is up next - “Round Here”. It gives the guitarist much more freedom to let rip and show us his aggressive side. He uses choppy riffs and Griffin, still retaining his authoritative tone - “Get on the road and don't ever come back to this town”. The whole track has a slightly 'out of control' feel to it, but Griffin keeps everything in order.

Other exciting tracks follow “Pistols and Girls” “Hang On Girl” and “Walking Here” however none have the ability to that their predecessors had to make listening to it an enjoyable experience. Nevertheless, a more rhythmic and melodic tune finishes off “Down Beside Your Beauty” rather nicely - progressing from a simple beginning to an enriched and successful ending “The Things We Do To Each Other” delivers echoes of “The love The love …” to end an average album.