Relient K - Five Score And Seven Years Ago

Paul Cook 15/03/2007

Rating: 3/5

Poppy-punk rockers Relient K are back again this time with the high-tempo, unrelenting pulse of energy that is 'Five Score and Seven Years Ago.” Based on the traditional foundation of Christian-rock lyrics and worn-out use of the guitars, Relient Ks new album, makes a good first impression in not being another Bowling For Soup or Green Day. However, despite seven long years in the making it soon does show itself, despite bags of ambition, to be an album of all too similar riffs and routines. Disappointing then considering this band's obvious passion for their music and their fans.

That isn't to say the album's awful. Track's like 'Devastation and Reform' and “I'm taking you with me” can please even the most pessimistic of indie-critics with cutting guitar lines and equally effective drum accompaniment make for an impressive and extremely captivating couple of tracks. Unfortunately the impressiveness ends there. Sentiment and passion, which this album appears to have so much of, can only take you so far. As an album, collectively, this one has a lot to improve upon. Despite the clever use of new instruments and sounds, the monotony of the chord repetition and the unimaginative drums in half the tracks begin to agitate and aggravate.

Some real positives could be taken from the album and enhanced in the future to produce a high quality, even more original turn. To turn away from the evils of punk-pop rock riffs and clichés would be a start. Sentiment, ambition and overriding energy are all points that highlight the band's uniqueness and Thiessen's lyrics, apart from the unerring slip-up in 'Must have done something right' are fantastic. It's a shame that such a lot of work went into an album that momentarily impresses before tediously boring the listener into submission.