Moonshot - Fear Today, Gone Tomorrow

Martin Drury 05/09/2005

Rating: 4/5

There's an eerie, electronic vibe to this blend of dance music's marriage to the synthesiser. The tracks have the same beauty Faithless imbue into their tracks and there's more than a whiff of the rave circuit about the way the performers address themselves to their audience. Someone is in charge of the music but the music has taken on a life of its own. The tones greet the ear with a kiss and a caress and the gentle nature of the music means that even the casual listener can join in with the slow, lumbering dance which manages to be even more erotic and powerful than its more traditional frenetic cousin which has long dominated the club circuit.

The gothic, almost Gregorian quality attached to this music means that it may as well be music set in and performed in a monastery. 'Fear today, gone tomorrow' is a spellbinding record that warms the cockles of the heart whilst also managing to excite the beast within in. This is music that is unafraid and unashamed to talk directly to you as both a consumer and a listener. Moonshot are as enigmatic and enthralling as the shimmering satellite of their namesake. The danger with the slow, lingering tone is that it can lead to the music appearing boring or dull. Moonshot escape such damnation through criticism by expertly sidestepping between genres. Is this pure dance music? Is this Indie-rock? Nobody is able to tell and nobody is supposed to be endowed with the knowledge and the ability to tell either. Listen, relax, enjoy. Let the music enchant and inspire. 'Feat today, gone tomorrow' is a beautiful, breathtaking album.