Hinder - Extreme Behaviour

Paul Cook 02/04/2007

Rating: 1/5

'Extreme Behaviour' is the debut album from Oklahoma five-piece, Hinder. Managing to be dubbed one of the worst albums of the year, 'Extreme Behaviour' appears to have ambitions of being possibly the most generic rock album ever.

Listening to Hinder is like listening to a dusty mix-tape of every average rock band since the late 60's. Twelve highly unimaginative and unrelentingly tasteless tracks are enough to discredit the modern-rock genre altogether. Tortured lyrics, amateurishly strummed 'geetars' and dude-rock drumming culminate in a simplistic, half-arsed attempt to produce rock-music.

Despite reaching double platinum status in America with sales of over 2 million, Hinder's debut album draws so many parallel's with Nickelback that the differences lay only in the travesty of the lyrics which fail to make sense let alone remain memorable.

A dated bargain-bin album with senseless, hollow lyrics, 'Extreme Behaviour' will hopefully be Hinder's first and last album to invade the professional music industry.