The Pigeon Detectives - Wait For Me

Paul Cook 27/05/2007

Rating: 4.5/5

Stealthily developing their exquisite, energetic style, Leeds' indie-superstars, The Pigeon Detectives release their debut album 'Wait for Me' on the 28th May 2007 and with more foot-tapping, get-up and rock tracks than you can shake a sizeable stick at it promises to be one hell of a debut.

Relatively unknown in the mainstream until recently, The Pigeon Detectives have a punchy, edgy sound filled to the brim with bold, brash riffs and equally audacious melodies. Jimmi Naylor's drums serve up a riveting throb of energy in every track and Dave Best's Bass undertones are a solid base on which to elevate the soaring, dynamic guitars.

At the helm of this band are some of Britain's leading music producers including the man on a mission to produce Britain's brightest indie talent, Steve Harris, whose successes include the likes of U2, The Automatic, Kaiser Chiefs and rising stars Pull Tiger Tail as well as Bloc Party and Snow Patrol's Cenzo Townsend in co-production.

The title track 'Wait for Me' is a fantastically short, snappy powerhouse of fresh melodies and simple, feel-good chorus riffs - A true crowd-pleaser. Every track has its own unique qualities and the opener, UK chart #19, 'Romantic Type' builds rapidly and crescendos in a corker of a chorus which makes you want to turn it up and up until the dial won't twist any further.

With an average track length of just 3.05 The Pigeon Detectives like to keep their songs quick, commanding and in essence as perfect as possible. 'Take Her Back' is a flavour of the delectable indie talent on offer at the moment in Britain. Fast paced, energetic and an unusual marriage of electric guitars and piano 'Take Her Back' is again another crowd-pleasing chanter with a powerful performance from lively front-man Matt Bowman.

To review every track individually would start to sound monotonous as each and every one is different and exciting. The Pigeon Detectives have the advantage of being the new boys on the block in terms of the British mainstream indie scene but they come ready-made and packaged for the chart-shelf with this electric debut album.