Various - Stoned: Music from the film about the life and death of Brian Jones

Thomas 21/11/2005

Rating: 2/5

Well I don't know about you but soundtrack albums rarely make me dizzy with anticipation, and only once ever have I rushed out to the shop to buy one (inevitably, they didn't have it). So along comes the music from a film that barely even got shown in my city on its recent release featuring a blend of contemporary bands covering the Stones, a few sixties tracks, and some original scoring by Bjork's old pal David Arnold. It'll have to be good.

Inevitably it's not, in fact it's far less than essential; buy a Stones record if you want Stones songs, and watch the film if you want the short string/piano sketches by Arnold to truly mean anything. If you really need to hear The Bees play a lazy, lolloping 'Time Is On My Side' however, go aheadand buy, you'll also get 2003's forgotten men the 22-20s doing a rollicking 'Devil In Me', the acoustic prettiness of Haley Glennie-Smith's 'Love In Vain' and Jefferson Airplane's wonderful, eerily anthemic 'White Rabbit' for your money. Very much a mixed bag.