Film School - Film School

Thomas 23/01/2006

Rating: 3/5

We're spoiled these days, y'know. So much good music around that a fine record like this plays, and I'm damn near bored by it. Maybe it's because it sounds a little too much like good bits of ten current bands put together. Maybe it's because the production's too smooth to allow anything to truly jump out and grab you. Maybe it's because the guitar on two tracks is so Interpol that right now it's polishing its shoes and pretending to be in Berlin. Singer Krayg's limited voice is hardly an issue however because he seems to have only vague, hazy thoughts to express, and this matters hugely; not dreamy or cinematic enough to exist as post-rock soundscapes alone, without meaningful lyrics the songs have very little weight.

Or maybe I'm wrong. Look past the slickness and steals and there's undoubtedly a lot to enjoy on this well crafted record, particularly the sonic depth and texture, synth and guitar intertwining to create genuine atmosphere, and a genuine love for the poppier alternative 80's bands shines through. The only problem is that for all the effort in making something close to art-rock, it still sounds frustratingly secondhand. Echo & The Bunnymen for the wireless laptop generation... maybe? That word again. An album to borrow.