Soho Dolls - Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation

Matt Clutton 08/10/2007

Rating: 4/5

The days of twee, politically correct, dumbed down electro pop are over, or at least that's how the Sohodolls see it. Dressed from head to toe like mourners trailing a funeral procession with highly effeminate clothing, fop shirts and thick black eye liner, these new romantic revivalists have an impeccable pedigree. Having achieved two top twenty hits, played the O2 Wireless festivals supporting Klaxons and Daft Punk as well as playing at Hugh Heffner's Playboy party in Moscow recently, a fitting setting in light of their flamboyant makeup, the band release their hotly anticipated debut album. 'Ribbed Music For The Numb Generation', the quintet's attempt at tapping into their listeners' primal senses, covers a kaleidoscope of modern day issues and emotions. Covering everything from strippers and
porn ('Stripper' and 'Pleasures Of Soho') to police car chases, paranoia and violence ('The Rest For The Wicked' and 'No Regrets') little can be left to touch in such a burgeoning underworld.

Sohodolls' sound is unlike any other, drawing influences from the sounds of 80s/ 90s new romantic pop and glam rock; a multi-textured sound dominated by synthesized and guitar-based melodies is prominent. Offering the innovative and experimental nature of a Kraftwerk or Can composition and the playful, bounding nature of a Cardigan's smash hit, Sohodolls take things a step further making tracks their own offering a gritty lyrical content that doesn't shy away from the taboo issues of real life.

Club favourites 'Prince Harry' and 'Stripper' are fast becoming anthemic across the country and rightly so: quite honestly you would struggle to find a more enjoyable round-up of contemporary electro-sleaze.