Teenager - Thirteen

Lee Puddefoot 11/10/2007

Rating: 3/5

Not to be confused with The Teenagers, Teenager flits between the swagger of garage rock and electro disco beats. 'Mr. Booze' waddles in with a funk guitar and foot-stomping drumbeat. Full of sexy strutting vocalist Nick Littlemore (formerly of Australian band Pnau) exudes a restrained yelp as his cries “Mr. Booze won't you come on down and do what you want”. The album flits from one style to another; there's the floaty light 'Alone Again' that recalls moments of New Order to the electro-rap of 'Pony'.

Songs like 'Good Together/Italin' fail to create any spark and meanders on with out any real intent but it's redeemed on 'Breaking -Thunder/No Doner' that has a similar sexual urge that brings to mind Black Wire (R.I.P). The extended synth sounds purr along until the distant vocals and rumbling bass line gently slides in.

It's not the greatest album you'll hear this year, but is a slow burner, it has it's outstanding tracks like 'Liquid Cement' which has a dark brooding intensity as the vocals echo around the acoustic guitar plucking away in the background. It's what Iggy Pop's 'The Passenger' would sound like if it was written in the current climate of keyboard rock.

'Thirteen' is full of ideas, but you sometimes get the impression that they should refine it a little and focus in more. However with tracks like 'Bound N Gagged' sweeping in with its manic lead vocals and haunting backing singer, the album really does grow on you.