Wolfmother - Wolfmother


Rating: 3/5

Wolfmother rock. In a big, devil-worshipping, black magic seventies way. Like the ghost of Bon Scott beating the Darkness to death with John Bonham's drumsticks, the Australian trio's debut is a pounding behemoth of huge guitars and screeching vocals.

Stealing their moves from hard rock's holy trinity of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and AC/DC, Wolfmother's brand of vintage hippy metal is a refreshing blast to the eardrums in the wake of the recent crop of post-punk obsessed English new wavers.
A blend of incense scented, folky goblin-rock (Where Eagles Have Been, White Unicorn), thunderous Deep Purple histrionics (Woman, Pyramid) and stomping MC5-esque pre-punk madness (Apple Tree), Wolfmother's first effort is a history lesson on the golden age of guitar wankery.

Staying just the right side of Justin Hawkins' joke-metal, Wolfmother's LP is a fun-packed homage to the excesses of a bygone era. You ought to smell their glove.