Edward James Bass - The Broken Wheel of Fortune EP

Beckie Jordan 17/01/2008

Rating: 4.5/5

Being a fan of legends such as Nick Cave and Lou Reed, anything or anyone that claims to be the 'impossible offspring' of said musical genius's definitely needs further investigation. The Broken Wheels of Fortune from upwardly-mobile singer/songwriter Edward James Bass is proof, if any was needed, that quality songwriting and music making is still in existance.

Full of pounding drums, vivid imagry and tight lyrics, this EP'S gloomy despiration coupled with Bass's bittersweet vocals invokes something nothing short of glorious musical depression. Stand out track 'Fear of Small Towns' is beautifully written and produced, and one that Bass should be truly proud of.

Described as "the new thinking person's misanthrope" it would be unwise to doubt the abilities of this rising star.