Various Artists, That Fucking Tank, This Et Al, Fran Rodgers, Napoleon III - On The Bone Compilation - Number Two

Chris Lowe 13/04/2008

Rating: 4/5

So as you may know you can only fit about 78 minutes on a CD. This is generally longer than a normal album by an artist and almost the same amount of time as a football game. I can't think of anything worse than listening to 78 minutes of shit music or some good tracks and some dire tunes like with most compilations. 'On The Bone' has a knack for releasing ever inspiring records and seems to of hit the nail on the head with this second compilation.

The ever growing and stimulating label have whacked a load of brand spanking new tunes on here from their roster (That Fucking Tank, This Et Al, Fran Rodgers) and filled the other of the CD with some of the bloody best bands around at the moment. Highlights and landmark tracks include Napoleon IIIrd's wailing 'Strong Nuclear Force' which reaches yelping of epic proportions; I concur recent single 'Lucky Jack' remixed by the brilliant 'Bracken', Fran Rodgers' damn impressive 'The Watchman' which left me sobbing and weeping, Grammatics 'Polar Swelling' which sounds nothing like them and more like Explosions in the Sky (which is fucking ace if you ask me) and finally a band that seem to be appearing everywhere 'Pulled Apart by Horses' with a signature super rock track that will imprint charm and also catchiness on anyone's eardrums.

It's again only 5 like the first one and, again, what are you waiting for?