Cathy Davey - Silversleeve

Miss Fliss 13/06/2008

Rating: 2/5

I'm a fan of albums that kick off with bluster, and Sing for Your Supper, the opener from Irish singer songwriter Cathy Davey's sophomore album builds up to the release of what feels like a shower of bursting blissful stars. Sadly, the promise is dashed, however, as its brilliant and epic swell does not set the mood for the entire album and the pace for the rest of proceedings is somewhat less enlivening. The sonics are all a bit mature female solo artist and MOR adult-orientated, and at times, plodding. This could be trendy wine bar music, nothing more than an uneventful subtle distraction in the background.

Cathey Davey is no grandiose voice, rather she enunciates like a little wide-eyed kid, which can be sweet in other capacities, but with Davey, it has all the hallmarks of the irksome. I'm reminded keenly of the Cocteau Twins' front woman, Liz Fraser (appeared on Massive Attack's 'Teardrop' single, if you don't know her main band's schtick), a voice which I have never been able to tolerate, as the cutesy but anaemic nature feels as empty as it is annoying. I can't find it seductive or tuneful.

There's a saturation of female singer songwriters at the moment, and whilst Cathy Davey has a twist of musical difference - etheriel folk music or jazzy acoustic pop - there might be something in this second album to assure a regarded position in pop mainstream, but not to the more discerning listener. El Perro Del Mar, for example, is staggeringly inventive and imaginative in comparison, with touching delivery.

Release date: 09/06/08