Jupiter One - Jupiter One

Alex Skinner 08/07/2008

Rating: 3/5

Having ravishing intensity and that certain wow factor, Jupiter One has produced a tight album with a fresh look. Through a process of developing their own sound through a concoction of crazed sounds, graced with keyboards, this album may well hit the mainstream mark.

Possibly labelled college progressive rock? I believe you've made an impression when you feature on a console game like 'Countdown' for EA Sports Madden NFL '08. It is one of the standout tracks and is a hefty track where everything flows perfectly. Guitars are tied to the drums tightly over emphatic lyrics through a delivery that gears you up and puts you in a gratifying state of mind.

A wisp of charm, an air of mysterious texture it may have but the levels seem to drop off with a few pop toned tracks in 'Unglued' and 'Platform Moon'. The standard is mediocre, losing momentum until 'Wrong Line' regains the ebb and flow. It feels like it should be the end song of some crazy space roller disco or something of that ilk due to its quick fire lyrics albeit layered synthesizer layering. The J. One (Jupiter One) crew really do utilise the synthesizer and have made it a commodity for tweaking sounds around like no tomorrow.

The energy turns up a notch when 'Fire Away' kicks in for an awakening. Thereafter the mood gently slows through an electro meadow filled with intransient sounds. The mellow tunes race to the finish line with 'Slumber Song'.

Invigorating sounds that pack a punch. Come fly with Jupiter One, it's not out of this world maybe just floating in the stratosphere.