Ceri James - Start & Begin

Lee Puddefoot 04/08/2008

Rating: 3/5

The South London troubadour's debut album is a rollercoaster journey of emotions. The fuzz toned title track's deep bass lines and crying guitar solos spin through a tale of the trials and tribulations of love. With its sing-along chorus it slips effortlessly into the gentle acoustic theatrics of 'I've Seen The Devil' - love, loss and pornography see him sink down into emotional lows.

The melancholic 'Deptford Broadway' is one of the standout tracks on the album. With a distinct 60s vibe to it, the harmonies and melodies swoon in and out of the poppy guitar lines and reflective lyrics, making Deptford Broadway sound like Venice Beach. Wearing his heart on his sleeve he poetically declares his love on 'Without My Girl' whilst the upbeat stomp of 'Rose of My Life' provides the necessary crunching riffs to get things going.

Ceri James is a songwriter whose heartfelt lyrics are born from the highs that life brings and the depths you can sink to. This album is his diary to the world and he's leaving it out for you to read.