Nell Bryden - Second Time Round EP

Beckie Jordan 14/08/2008

Rating: 5/5

Nell Bryden defies all expectations of what modern, fresh and cutting edge music is all about. With her 1950's style cocktail dress's, killer heels and a vocal range that changes more than the wind, Bryden's latest offering, Second Time Round, is utterly sublime in its offering.
Championed by the likes of BBC 2 heavyweights Janis Long and Bob Harris, Second Time Round is a inspiring mixture of bluesgrass, country, jazz and modern Dixie which produces a sound so refreshing and revitalising.

The title track is a kicking and screaming country number, with blazing vocals and sharp instrumentals, paving the way for a delightful mix of trancending musical styles, with a definite 1940's influence. Late Night Call feels like it came straight out of the Bugsy Malone film, with its 1920's jazz and ragtime sound, and flapper girl imagery. This is repeated in the perfect Why Can't That Be Me.

Bryden's voice is mature and soulful, with an emotional tinge, especially on tracks such as Only Life I Know and Green Dress, inspired country and blues numbers, written with a distinct honest.One of the standout tracks on the EP, Where The Pavement Ends, is a stirring display of excellent song writing and musical craftwomanship, and weaves a rather low-spirited tale beautifully.

Bryden's well crafted songs, and voice of such talented depth and flexibility, combine to produce one of the finest albums of 2008.

The single 'Goodbye' is released on the 8th September and the full album released 27th October.