The Week That Was - The Week That Was

Alex Skinner 26/08/2008

Rating: 2/5

What is it? Concept pop The Week That Was break the 'band' mould and venture into something a little different artistically. This has its risks. Sunderland's rapscallions present a study of how we deal with information we receive through the TV, radio and internet, and the dependency on the mass media. Does the concept album pay off?

The sounds of a Kate Bush/ Peter Gabriel infuse these musical arrangements creating drama, but only a few songs are worth a mention. 'The Airport Line' conjures many thoughts, its melody-driven peaceful cacophony of sounds surge through your brain. The strings of Emma Fisk stand out along with the flow of percussion against a backdrop of steady drums.

The major winner and signature song is Scratch the Surface where the band do manage to deliver their own sound. Sadly other songs fall to the wayside and are nowhere near as impressive. Unfortunately the project falls short with the remaining tracks. Two buildings don't make a city.

The album is released on 18th August.