The Outline - You Smash It We'll Build Around It

Alex Skinner 20/09/2008

Rating: 3/5

Ah, I was a young man once. I was a flapper, a gad-a-bout, a little Johnny Rooster. Much like the American four-piece 'The Outline' who scamper in like a rat up a drainpipe.

Having toured with the likes of My Chemical Romance and Panic At the Disco, the lads add to the pop punk-rock pile up (with an electronic tinge). A little shallow on the lyrical side, The Outline lads are predominantly angst riddled and happy to tinker with topics of cheating, women, and general angst. Ah to be a young rooster again.

Tickling you gently 'Aesthetics' lures you in. A slow pace then builds to release 'Life Or Life-Like' to tweak the tempo nipples of electro rock, before brash sounds kick in track three. A subtle change of pace is found in 'Why Were Better Now' having much appeal for a standout track.

Emotionally charged angst moved lyrics “punch you in the face” with 'My masked Lust' before a calming track follows suit. 'Sloppy Drunk' is more aggressive powered rock-pop, that actually works out alright.
If you can, please, please skip the last track 'Broadway and Hurst', I am embarrassingly befuddled how it got there in the first place!?

With hopes and dreams of bigger things it seems 'The Outline' boys will have many a fan, but lack a killer bite. Saying that, it lulls you into listening over again.
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