Young at Heart - OST

Ash Akhtar 08/10/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

Aired some time in 2006 on UK television, if you have yet to see the moving and uplifting 'Young at Heart', I urge you to fill that void in your cinematic knowledge at the earliest opportunity. I say this even though words 'uplifting and moving' would usually engender the same response in me as the words 'dirty' and 'dancing.'

The Young at Heart choral group have an average age of around 80, and they tour the world with their versions of hit songs. Yes, I realise this probably isn't exciting you, but before you skip across and click another link - let's look at some facts.

The choral group were mostly in their 20s when the term rock n' roll appeared. They missed being 'teenagers' as that word didn't surface until the '50s either. Their upbringing was not about music and rebellion - it was about surviving war. Comparatively, the world of teenagers rockin' round clocks was a luxury - never mind the 'heady' '60s.

The first form of this geriatric group was borne from a housing project in Massachusetts in 1982. Since then, as members have joined and passed on, the group's reputation has grown with touring and word of mouth sending them on their way to global recognition.

The groups' catalogue is as eclectic as the individuals that make the group. They tackle classic rock artists including Jimi Hendrix (Purple Haze), John Lennon (Jealous Guy), Radiohead (Fake Plastic Trees) and The Rolling Stones (Ruby Tuesday) amongst many other contemporaries such as Coldplay (Fix You) and Outkast (Hey Ya).

Some songs by the group (Fix You and Forever Young particularly) carry a very different emotional weight and for those who have seen the film, the songs will allow you to relive many poignant and stirring moments. However, this is not an album that you will want to listen to without having first seen the film - I suppose it's a bit like 'Dirty Dancing' in that respect..