Those Dancing Days - In Our Space Hero Suits

Louise Evans 08/11/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

Having now finished school, the five girls of Those Dancing Days get down to serious business with the release of their debut album "In Our Space Hero Suits." The Swedish indie pop sensations are following up last single 'Home Sweet Home' with a collection of perky and joyous tracks guaranteed to brighten your day.

Starting off a little slowly with a curious and very brief intro ('Knights In Mountain Fox Jackets') and then the drum led 'Falling In Fall'. Linnea Jonsson's normally husky voice is somewhat overpowered on the latter by the jittery feel and Strokes like attitude. Luckily 'I Know Where You Live' brings the band back into familiar territory. The vocals are stronger and the track is more a more interesting blend of breaks for handclaps and skittish percussion under the melody.

In Our Space Hero Suits really hits its stride with the double whammy of previous singles 'Run Run' and 'Hitten'. Both show off the band's ability to pen irresistibly infectious tunes and to multilayer their instruments to perfection. Melodies of guitars and keyboards fizz past with an unmistakably youthful exuberance. 'Actionman' sees a slight slowing of the pace with the keyboard being utilised in a more gentle childlike manner matched by the vaguely downplayed vocals. The second half of the album is significantly more cohesive. Latest single 'Home Sweet Home' is another happy go lucky tune; the usual mix of an upbeat, almost innocent melody and somewhat baffling and occasionally verging on childish lyrics which fizzes along merrily. However the album's strong points aren't just the tracks you already know; the final two tracks 'Those Dancing Days' and 'Space Hero Suits' are easily amongst the best on the album. Both are fast paced with plenty of keyboards; they show the band is more than capable of producing pure Scandinavian pop at its best.