The Black Angels, The Telescopes, Stevenson Ranch Davidions, Young Team, Sunsplit - Psychedelia Three

Matt Harrold 12/11/2008

Rating: 4/5

Third volume in and it's another rumage into the archives by Northern Star Records to present us psychedelic gold. Let's face it, Scott Causer is a one man crusade when it comes to championing what has been coined as the 'third wave' of psychedelia - that would be all those unheralded bands paying homage to the era of love, drugs and mind bendingly good music. What that man doesn't know about the current crop of talent could be written on the back of a stamp, stuck on a postcard and forwarded to the afterlife to let Syd Barret know it's all cosmic back on planet earth.

Without the passion and ear for solid tunes that Scott Causer posses Psychedelia Three could easily proven a formulaic affair, and whilst there's a couple of familiar faces onboard, it still manages to convey a true love for new gems to share. The Black Angels make a welcome return with the hazy methalated spirits drone of 'On The Run', one of the highlights from their latest album 'To See A Ghost', whilst another top score paranoia inducing 'Another Sky' by cult band The Telescopes.

Then there's the Stevenson Ranch Davidions who manage out Verve the Verve with 'Stargazer', it's all glistening McCabe guitar rifts against the background of cosmic rock. If only Ashcroft and Co. had written songs more akin to SRD then their last album might have sucked a little less.

Of course joining the dots wouldn't be complete without tunes that aren't just inspired by the 60s, but could easily fit into the cannon of authentic hippy tunes. Welcome on board the Nico meets The Bryds jangle of 'Sunny Sunday Afternoon' by Young Team, complete with Hammond organ (of course). Maison Blancee supply the acid garage rock of 'Pistol People Society', and the love vibes are provided by the amazingly blissed out 'Love Buzz' by Sunsplit - A compilation highlight that treads the fine line between intimate and epic, all the while scraping the atmosphere on a spiritual high.

Psychedlia Three is an Aladdin's box of secrets, and spanning over two and a half hours of music across 33 tracks you really are spoilt for choice. It's like Christmas come early for any true psychedelia fan, and as an added bonus you'll never have to put up with the shitty pop tunes that always end up on the mainstream compilations.

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