The Lines - Flood Bank

Imogen Decordova 22/12/2008

Rating: 4/5

'The old 'This band has been criminally ignored in the past' line rears its head again. You may yawn but…have you ever encountered The Lines?'
Zig Zag No. 116, August '81

The Lines are shrouded in mystery, formed around the late 70's in London the group went on to have little mainstream success aside from a number of NME features and the like…but then again who hasn't been brown nosed by the NME and left high and dry like a dirty one night stand?
I was not previously acquainted with The Lines; this is certainly a chance encounter I am quite relieved to have had, one of post punk's best kept secrets. Flood Bank is a reminder of why reissues should exist to draw music lovers in to discover new/old music, not to line the pockets of bands that have had their day (cough Echo & The Bunnymen cough)
Flood Bank combines both the band's full length LPs, Therapy and Ultramarine, which were recorded between 1981 and 1982. The fast tribal drum beats, distinctively 80's vocals and harmonies - the reissue feels like an album I've been listening to forever. The
Krautrock post punk tag would place them in 'The Fall, Gang of Four, Birthday Party' alt indie bracket that seems to encompass so many. But there's plenty of room for melancholic experimental New Wave in my books. I'd encourage you to make use of your senses and read between the [insert obvious word play here].