Ellipsis - Ellipsis

Craig Broad 04/07/2009

Rating: 3/5

There is a consensus around music types in the UK that the Cornish scene is an ongoing joke. While bands like Nato and Rosie and the Goldbug have recently pulled themselves out of the Cornish scene to be signed and tour the country, neither have made a lasting impression on the country and Nato have in fact, gone on to split up. In fact, the only band who seemed to have made a good enough impression to actually sell a vast amount of records in the last few years, Thirteen Senses, then went on to achieve, well, nothing with their second album. Enter Ellipsis, relative newcomers to the Cornish scene but eager to prove something with their debut self-titled release.

The first thing to note about the release is the strength of the production, to say that Dare Mason (Placebo) has done a great job really wouldn't cover it as Mason draws in a very youthful dare I say it immature sound. This isn't a complaint though, it is a sound that has obviously been perfected and songs like 'Spokesman' and 'Away With Me' really are at the top of their game blending indie guitars, thought provoking drumming with frail vocals and will contend and beat any 'emo' band that we have bought records from previously. From 'Away With Me' onwards however, the ep isn't greatly memorable and sadly, that means that three of the six tracks come across more as a youthful band who haven't quite found their own feet yet.

Ellipsis are a two faced monster, while the start of the ep has the ability to win over both emo fans and music types that may have written off Cornwall previously, the second half of the ep just shows off the usual for Cornish music, unmemorable. Ellipsis are however, extremely young - this being their first release and with this in mind, there is no question that it is worth buying into their development and watching them turn into a better band than Brand New shall ever be.