Evil Nine - The Power

TC 07/07/2009

Rating: 2/5

Good Lord no! Yet more eighties revivalism and this time three instrumental tracks very cleverly entitled The Power, The Night and The Heat. And you know the worst thing about it? I couldn't find a way to really hate it!!

Evil Nine comprises DJs Tony Beaufoy and Pat Pardy, who hark from Brighton, home of idiotronica and this follows their second album from last year, They Live. It combines buzz saw organ chimes with canned drumbeats and relentlessly droning tunes, that pinball around your head until they are sucked away leaving ricochets of reverberation in their trail. But like I say, it's somehow an infectious little wart that you find yourself unable to resist, whacking it on for another spin…and then another!

Just for a few minutes it forces you to believe that maybe Heaven 17 weren't such a bloody awful band after all, or that 4 Non Blondes maybe deserved more than just one hit and perhaps liking Electric Six wasn't such a crime. But hang on, this is the work of the devil, using numbers in music to inflict his corruption on us. 17 x 4 + 6 = 74; in order to complete his work, we must become absorbed by Evil Nine who have the power to multiply all of this decadence to arrive at 666, we are all doomed!

Maybe it's just the heat getting to me, where's my White Lies album?!

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