Ear PWR - Super Animal Brothers III

Will Metcalfe 22/07/2009

Rating: 3.5/5

Fuck me this is pretentious - like wide rimmed spectacles, tight leggings and the knitwear nightmares that have slipped in vogue of late, Ear PWR are cool for now and regrettable between two weeks and ten years forthwith. 'Super Animal Brothers III' is a high octane twat fest fuelled by synths and drum machines - one part Best Fwends, one part broken NES this a record for those who see Skins as a dictat for life.

It's not all that bad though - 'Beam of Light' mixes melody with ignorance and comes off sounding like Chicks on Speed only with a 'proper' chorus. Elsewhere the record is as unforgiving as it is relentless, 'Discover Your Colours' is a cringe worthy sludge-fest, sure it's a step a way from the epilepsy inducing 'Diamonds Liquer Leather' or the Skittles fuelled euphoria of 'Ghost Ride the Buffalo' but if anything it's a weak spot.

You see, 'Super Animal Brothers III' knows its place; it's a twatty record but it's aware of this and, far from the attention grabbing fuck-nuggetery of bona-fide twats this self awareness is Ear PWR's saving grace. Sure, it's obnoxious, irritating and leaves you feeling like you've dined exclusively on Skittles for the first 19 years of your life but at least it's provocative with substance.

'Super Animal Brothers III' is the kind of record that you could strangle for hours but still end up laughing uncontrollably with - it's annoying, it's wrong and…it's glorious for it. Far from any enduring qualities, this is purely use once and destroy but for the previous few minutes before the hate sets in it's a wonderful, wonderful beast. Confusing, embarrassing, infuriating…if you have five seconds to spare then I'll tell you the story of my life…this could be it.