Chase This City - Show Us What You Got

Chris Tapley 19/08/2009

Rating: 2/5

Around five years ago, when I was 15, I would have lapped this right up. Not so much now though. Lancaster four piece Chase This City deal in the kind of uninspired style over substance pop punk which is so relentlessly popular amongst that age group, scene kids will probably adore them. It would have slotted in perfectly amongst my Home Grown and Hawthorne Heights albums, all angsty vocals and plodding instrumentation with sickly backing vocals and even the occasional scream, 'cause they're versatile yeah?

This is never going to interest many music enthusiasts. It's not so bad though really, the overtly emotive lyrics work well, there are plenty of hooks and there's the occasional interesting riff thrown in which suggests they might be a bit more musically capable than they demonstrate here.

There are certainly those who will enjoy this now, as for what it is, it's done well. Perhaps with a few more years to develop, some better produced songs and a good marketing team behind them, Chase This City could maybe enjoy some proper widespread popularity.

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