Various Artists - fabric 48: Radio Slave

Richard Wink 16/09/2009

Rating: 4/5

Boom boom boom boom mmm-tsk mmm-tsk mmm-tsk. Womp Womp Womp.

For those not au fait with dance music, this intricate mix of Tech house from Radio Slave would sound a lot like the above noise I have described using made up words. What do I say about this? That the speakers are throbbing like a bastard? That listening to this mix in a dingy attic room where the closest thing to a fit bird near me right now is a crooked looking Crow that displays the artistry of a drunken taxidermist, let's just say that in these settings I'm not exactly getting the full fabric experience.

Luckily music can take you to strange places, after a while I'm immersed. The borderline scientific approach to crafting each of these tracks displays the skill of Matt Edwards, the man behind the name Radio Slave. This is dynamic and classy Tech house, hypnotically charming the listener with its guile and virtuosity. A veteran DJ, Edwards' has mastered the art of creating the kind of house beats that ooze sexy.

The mix itself is rich, the soundscapes vivid as each track blends putting together not so much a collection of individual tracks, but a linear journey. Take this out in your Ford Capri tonight, drive through a mirage of orange ambience, and disappear somewhere.