Felix - You Are The One I Pick

Mike Mantin 24/11/2009

Rating: 4/5

Notts duo Felix have done a fine job of avoiding being pigeonholed. This breathtaking debut album has plenty of traceable influences - most noticeably neo-classical bands like Rachel's and Stars of the Lid, with whom Felix's Lucinda Chua first toured - but it operates in a space entirely its own.

Every single one of the eleven songs 'You Are The One I Pick' is delicate and minimalist - there's beautifiul textured guitars and lush strings throughout, but they're so hushed the songs can just drift off into the air if your mind wanders off. No, this is an album which demands your full attention, and will reward you plentifully. 'What I Learned From TV', for example, is such a gorgeous and warm piece of music, it takes a couple of listens to realise the lyrics are referencing the obscure early-morning Channel 4 program. Trans World Sport.

It's Chua's vocals that fully tie the knot between ethereal loveliness and reality, which is what makes Felix so special. Her voice is soft but with a tinge of a Londoner accent, and there's lyrics about the joy of sneaking into abandoned houses as well as about dragons and ponies. For such a reserved and minimalist album, there's a huge amount of things to love here. One stands out from the rest though: the fact that no one else right now is making music quite like Felix.