Miike Snow - Miike Snow

Oli Shilling 30/11/2009

Rating: 4/5

Miike Snow's debut confronts me with curiosity. Compiled by two pop-producers and experimental singer/songwriter Andrew Wyatt, I'm not exactly sure what to expect. Based upon their single 'Animal', however, I was optimistic and the Swedish three-piece didn't let me down.

Despite producing an unmistakeably Scandinavian sound, their American front man, Wyatt, gives each song charisma with his tender and forgivably Auto-Tuned vocals. Meanwhile his two colleagues (known better as Bloodshy & Avant, and for co-producing Britney Spears' 'Toxic') create gentle yet catchy synth melodies that make me press the repeat button subconsciously.

Both 'Animal' and 'Burial' are destined to be pop-synth hits, the latter capable of easily slotting into Animal Collective's latest offering. 'Silvia' is a six-minute sensation, and for me, the album's standout track whilst 'A Horse Is Not A Home' highlights the lyrical wit Wyatt brings to the table, “Oh God I think I'm dying / And our drinks were just poured” being my favourite line. The album carries both pop sensibility and lyrical charm, and whilst some tracks are definite 'growers', others are 'showers' that complete a successful debut that will satisfy most listeners' expectations.