Loss Of A Child - Carry Me Home

Craig Broad 15/12/2009

Rating: 4/5

Record labels are a redundant practice currently in the music industry and it is rare to see any that focus on the art that is music instead of looking towards making a briefcase full of cash and the running into the sunset before losses can be made on that dreaded second album. It is to their credit then, that labels like Lost Children amongst others that I could name, are happily releasing talented artists that may never gain mainstream recognition for their work, for free via online downloads. I say may never gain mainstream recognition in the nicest way possible, this isn't because the releases are substandard, quite the contrary, this is because the bands on this label are generally experimental or post-rock, a niche that has underground recognition but aside from a few artists, has yet to break into your general pop charts. Loss Of A Childs fifth release "Carry Me Home" puts Lost Childrens album quota over the seventy mark and I can thankfully say that the majority of these albums, along with "Carry Me Home" would be more than worth buying on CD format, let alone downloading them for the lovely sum of completely nothing.

"Carry Me Home" is very much a post-rock album but with subtle differences that perhaps you wouldn't find on your more common and popular artists. While the snare drum rolls that we have all come to expect from Explosions In The Sky and their copycat bands are present, there is a stricter element on hand here and while Explosions In The Sky are happy to meander with interwoven guitar melodies for up to six minutes before they get anywhere thus alienating a core audience, Loss Of A Child are much more conscious of pop song structures. This doesn't mean that songs have verses and chorus' but more that they have movements that are easily defined and keep you involved and on your toes, rather than wishing for songs to end. To add to this, I am happy to add that there is an element of bands like 65daysofstatic here aswell, short track "Are You Watching Closely" surprises you immediately with its seething guitars cutting through your speakers shortly after a host of beautiful melodic songs and while this particular piece doesn't last long, it is enough to affirm that Loss Of A Child have it in them to write their music from many spectrums of post-rock music. Evident on a lot of tracks, especially opener "Dream", is the use of beautifully played emotional piano melodies underpinned by butterfly inducing strings and synthys that add a texture and warmth that a lot of vocal-less bands miss out on when avoiding the common ground of having a vocalist.

In the current climate, it is difficult to see who would buy this album despite how brilliant it is and despite the fact that having followed Loss Of A Child I can safely say that it is their most defined and beautiful album to date. Occasionally it touches on an indie sound that would be suited to a band on Big Scary Monsters label, whilst often flitting between bands like Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Ros, Mogwai and underground favourites 65daysofstatic but it feels to me at least, that Loss Of A Child are desperately in need of a company to pick up on their music and use it in an advert if they are going to be fighting for attention with the experimental big boys which I must say, is where they deserve to be, at the top of the pack. If you are a fan of beautiful music, then look no further, download "Carry Me Home" for absolutely nothing because it is a complete gem.

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