Surfer Blood - Astro Coast

Simon Hadley 08/01/2010

Rating: 4/5

Although this decade has only just begun, Surfer Blood's Astro Coast is already looking like an album that could define 2010.

Surfer Blood, a five piece band from West Palm Beach, South Florida take their sound form lo-fi, 90's driven guitar melody's and in doing so, have created a ten song masterpiece.
Floating Vibes, kicks off the album with a raw and dark pummelling guitar riff, as John Paul Pitts' light and whimsical vocals create a contrasting laid back vibe.
Swim (To Reach the End), the first single from the album, has all the ingredients to become this year's indie anthem.

Tyler Schwarz's Forceful and rhythmic drumming, Brian Wilson-esque harmonies and a catchy guitar riff add to this sleepy anthem's brilliance.

Harmonix, is a fairly laid back and mid tempo track, in comparison with its predecessors and features guitar harmonies and a simple, yet effective bouncing bass line, giving the impression that the making of this album was a very effortless process.

The second half of the album includes two tracks which appear to be interlinked. Fast Jabroni, a fast paced, upbeat rocker elevates the album into new teritory and continues to drive the band's sound forward.

Slow Jabroni on the other hand, lives up to its interesting title. A slow melodic, fuzzy ploding riff carries the track and lyrically sounds like something that could have come from Space Oddity-era Bowie.

The album finishes off on a strong and positive note with Catholic Pegasus and along with, Floating Vibes and Swim (To Reach the End) could be one of many tracks that could become a future hit for the band.

Catholic Pegasus however is a straightforward three minute pop song, containing all the right elements to become a hit, including a catchy melody and soaring vocal harmonies.
Astro Coast is a strong and refreshing debut and although it might not be breaking down any musical barriers, is very enjoyable listen.