Blood Command - Ghostclocks

Craig Broad 02/11/2010

Rating: 4.5/5

Every once in awhile there will be a surprise in the review pile and this month, Blood Command take that title with their latest album 'Ghostclocks'. A trio from Belgium, I was initially drawn to this album through its artwork, for some reason I thought it was quite folky and that alone drew me into listening, it also drew me into a false sense of security.

Blood Command aren't a folk band at all. They are actually a self confessed punk band, although I would suggest to them that they have hints of hardcore with pop sensibilities thrown in for good measure. Aggressive and abrasive right off the bat, Blood Command demand your attention with frantic drumming, jagged guitar melodies and Blood Brothers-esque vocal yelps added in just to help matters (yes, I can't believe I have managed to add another reference to Blood Brothers either, but I do miss them so). Once you bed down with Blood Command for a short time, you start to notice that there is something different about this band, not only are they perhaps a scandinavian version of Converge, they also have a nack for writing a solid chorus which is showcased on 'On And On Chameleon', with its, they'll probably kill me for saying this, Paramore like vocals, it's brilliantly anthemic chorus.

It's actually inspiring to see a band in such a genre be so diverse. I thought my days of liking abrasive punk and hardcore music was over since Blood Brothers went their seperate ways, Converge went shit and Refused realised they couldn't write anything more iconic than 'The Shape Of Punk To Come', thank christ then that Blood Command are here to save the day (or my day, at least).

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