Winnebago Deal - Career Suicide

Alex Yau 12/12/2010

Rating: 3/5

Perrier mineral water. I imagine many of us will imagine a calm, tranquil mountainside with a channel of slow, smooth flowing water as someone collects and bottles it with care. If Winnebago Deal's Ben Perrier and Ben Thomas had their way with it, however, it might be a totally different story.

If you're looking for complicated thinking music then Career Suicide is a record you're best staying away from. That's not to say it's a bad record, though. Sure, it's a rather simplistic record on first listen with its verse to chorus to verse structure and most of the time there are no sophisticated melodies to hold onto but Career Suicide is an album that doesn't need those things. They say you
should never try to fix something that isn't broken and that's the case with this record.

Career Suicide is a collection of fast paced raw punk songs that bring out the inner teenage anarchist inside. 'Heart Attack in My Head' and 'You Don't Exist' envisage that “no bullshit” and “I don't give a fuck” attitude. Their heavily distorted guitars and ferocious patterns are enough to make you jump around and break everything around you, whilst the brooding and threatening opening tone of 'Poison' summons up early QOTSA.

Career Suicide is far from the name suggests. Winnebago Deal don't need any sense of complication or gimmick to get their message across. They do it perfectly with violent, visceral and no holds barred punk.