Bad Religion - The Dissent Of Man

Alex Yau 12/12/2010

Rating: 2.5/5

Considering the recent outrage at the World Cup bid, it shouldn't really matter if all the crazy religious prophecies are fulfilled. If the world does end, it also means that The Dissent Of Man will be Bad Religion's final album after a massive catalogue of 14 previous albums for the band. That's pretty dedicated considering that a lot of 'old' bands choose to carry their back catalogue on rather than release anything new.

The Dissent Of Man will certainly bring two different tribes towards it. Bad Religion aren't known for bringing anything new or groundbreaking. They stick with what's made
them so popular and veteran fans of the band will be pleased by this. The simple patterns of 'The Day The Earth Stalled' and the fast, melodic solo's of 'Wrong Way Kids' will be satisfying enough. If you're an old fan, it may bring back your teenage years, the years of rebellion and teenage angst. The Dissent Of Man certainly has some nostalgic elements to it.

However, if you're new to the band then the album may not be to your tastes. For the majority, the album sounds pretty much all the same. Listening to the album you won't stray far from the same simple distorted guitar patterns and thrashing drums. This may seem like a very bland album if you're not familiar with the band.

Like it or love it, Bad Religion probably won't change what they do just for you. They'll stick with what's made them so successful influencing bands such as Green Day. This is a band that will stay true to who they are and that's the spirit of punk right?