Million Dead - Harmony No Harmony

Liam McGrady 16/05/2005

Rating: 4/5

Don't be put off by the Emo, Screamo, Post-Hardcore or any other ridiculous tags that have been placed on this band. 'Harmony No Harmony' transcends these limited musical genres and comes across very loud and very clear as a stunning album of many influences. Album opener, 'Bread And Circuses' is a massive statement of intent, being all rampaging drums and huge discordant clanging guitars - laced with the power and fury of Black Flag - and Morrissey esque lyrics like, “The hand that feeds chooses the menu, but I'm a fussy eater.” Basically, it well and truly rips off any labels that Million Dead have had stuck to them. Other highlights come thick and fast with every one of the fourteen tracks having something to love, but the call to arms of 'To Whom It May Concern' and its choral refrain of “I'm only working here because I need the fucking money” acts as the purest form of escapism - melodious rock music played with intensity and passion.

(originally part of the This Month We Have Mostly Been Listening To... feature)