The Zutons - Who Killed The Zutons?

Alex Worsnip 25/04/2005

Rating: 2/5

God, that didn't take long, did it? Here comes the first Coral tribute band. Attempting quirkiness with their album title, these songs really could be mistaken by anyone for The Coral, all the way from the instruments to the groove to the vocals, which really could be James Skelly all the way. Unfortunately, despite ripping them off decently with an OK song, it just never has the dancable bounce of pop perfection of something like 'Dreaming Of You'.

This principle holds fast throughout pretty much - with a tad more blues here and there, but essentially despite all the "madness", its a rather uninteresting record. The odd horn spices things up, but it really doesn't change the fact that you could find it all done better elsewhere, particularly if you were to go back to the days of Captain Beefheart, or even in modern times with the tremendous, and undeservedly unknown, London band Blofeld. They do upbeat on 'Havana Gang Brawl', they do folky on 'Railroad'; its persistently unoriginal in both cases.