Auf Der Maur - Auf Der Maur

Alex Worsnip 23/03/2004

Rating: 3/5

Generally, solo projects from bassists are not the kinds of things that you look forward to with unrestricted glee. However, Melissa Auf Der Maur isn't your average bassist. Formerly of Hole and, more interestingly, Smashing Pumpkins, she has her own spin on the grunge sound. Opener 'Lightning Is My Girl' starts things on a typical note, a slightly dark, feminine but heavy rocker. Things continue along similar lines, but unfortunately the material here is somewhat less than original, and occasionally falls into a girl version of 'rawk' cliche.

Decent riffs propel the album along and some good melodies prevent it from slipping into Distillers territory too often. The occasional token power ballad such as 'Taste You' breaks things up in predictable but bearable style. More surprising in the all-out piano number 'Overpower Thee', which suffers from the misfortune of falling into an altogether different cliche and lacking a memorable tune. Fortunately, many of the rockers do, and this can save otherwise dull tracks like 'My Foggy Notion' when an almost Eastern, unpredictable, but catchy melody is pulled off in the chorus. In short, better than Billy Corgan's disappointing spin-off Zwan, but nothing essential - nevertheless, its decent for the kind of thing it is.