Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It In People

Alex Worsnip 21/10/2003

Rating: 5/5

Broken Social Scene are reviving indie music in the true sense of the phrase: experimental, independent, eclectic and boundary pushing. This is an utterly brilliant melting pot of dizzying styles from the large Canadian collective, varying between tuneful and witty pop songs reminiscent of bands like Pavement at their best (the incredible "Cause=Time"), orchestrated, epic rock with tender vocal passages ("KC Accidental"), cute alterna-pop ("Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl") and Jeff Buckley-esque, sweat-soaked balladry ("Lover's Spit"). Elsewhere, unusual approaches, imaginative arrangements and technical skill come together to create some of the most original songs, jam sessions and musical adventures in years. What is striking about this record is its incredible vision and scope to do something amazing, not just to make good music but to transform, create, inspire. Its the only true 5 star record of 2003 so far.