Nneka - Victim Of Truth

Mike Caulfield 30/08/2006

Rating: 1/5

Preachy debut LP from the R n' B/ Soul/ Hip-hop singer, Nneka, with some help from producer and Hip-hop beat maker, DJ Forhot.

Nigerian born Nneka has been singing “professionally” for five-years, in that time she has recorded with various hip-hop outfits, bagged the opening slot on Sean Paul's open air show in Stadtpark and played for the prisoners at Holloway Islington prison.

'Victim of Truth', following on from her 5 song EP, 'The Uncomfortable Truth', plays like a visit from one of those annoying guest speakers that used to come into your school when you were young, minus the dandruff laced cardigan and unfalteringly positive outlook that masks a desire to do something more credible.

Nneka is unrelenting in her mission to save us from all our nasty, evil ways and make the world a better place to live, where people might go around hugging strangers in the street without fear of being given a good stabbing for your trouble. For fifty-six minutes Nneka airs all of her beefs with politicians, organized religion and general baddies, over musically pedestrian beats that fail to engage throughout the sixteen tracks, sounding like cuts from Massive Attack's recycling bin.

Nneka is only good for pointing out problems, without offering any real solutions other than to “Hold on” or tell the world to “Wake up”, and other such statements that even Limp-bonehead Fred Durst would blush over.

She does however possess a charming voice, capable of both passionate cries and restrained beauty; obvious comparisons would be Lauryn Hill or Erykah Badu, both do this kind of thing much better and with less nagging.