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Drowned In Sound
By Matthew Butler

With the festival season upon us, we're finally far enough into the year to begin welcoming bands "formed in early 2005". Say hello to three-piece The Sailplanes then, and if this demo is anything to go, they'll be around in early 2006 at the very least too. Everything already sounds extremely assured and the band even have the balls to include a thirty second track of bleeps and buzzes.

Elsewhere there's obviously Sonic Youth racing through the veins, and it's impossible to resist mentioning The Kills, what with the girl/boy set-up of guitarists Stacey Hine and Tim Webster. The highlight is opener 'I See You Walk' where fuzzy waves of guitars come crashing down over Hine's sultry vocal delivery, which ghosts early Polly Jean H.

Lyrically there is a lot to like here too, such as the Webster sung 'Indifference' which includes the line: "Taste my life in non indifference, like a wolf in a forest that's immune to the rain". It might jar a little on paper but on record it feels a hell of a lot more satisfying than your typical "Na Na Na Naaas".

Steve Lamacq recently aired a documentary in which a series of 'knowledgeable' music hacks and A&R men claimed women simply don't do rock these days. You can't help but wonder if the extent of their searches amount to little more than one page of Google. So perhaps The Sailplanes could help change this in 2005 with 'Swoosh'? Just do it.