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Books About Cities
Lobster Quadrille Magazine

The thing about being experimental is that you have to accept that a large number of people just won't get what it is your trying to do. The Sailplanes left me kind of mystified, and I'm still not sure whether this is a good or bad thing. Books About Cities is divisive, poetic, complex, theatrical and urgent. But a number of factors, most notably the lack of a bass player, sell the band short and the result is an EP that sounds thin where there should be a wall of sound.

Doom One is a catchy tune with interesting lyrics and the dual vocals on Sideways On work really well. The scratchy, Thurston Moore style guitar in Books About Cities adds another element, and Black Cheroot is a fine instrumental, but somehow the songs seem to lack the foundation that would lend the avant garde elements real credibility.

As it stands Books About Cities is more like the skeleton of something good, than real brilliance in the flesh. Perhaps that's the point though?