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The Deepest Red
Lobster Quadrille Magazine

Considering my indifference to their last CD it was a bit of a surprise to receive a copy of The Sailplanes' latest piece of art-school experimentation in the old 'beans on toast'.* Evidently they are good sports. After listening to The Deepest Red I can now confirm they're damn fine musicians too. And I can see why they sent me a copy.

The first track Seven Ships Lost is easily the best: a rip-roaring clatter-fest that finds just the right balance between experimentation and tunefulness. Making music like Sleater Kinney is now a reality for The Sailplanes, not just an aspiration based on the fact both bands have no bass-player. Lead singer Stacey Hine's vocals are actually superb, and guitar work has always been the bands forte. I don't remember the drumming being so good before though. Nice work from the girl called Yola Radowicz.

Elsewhere the band showcase their predilection for Sonic Youth style effects and general intensity, but it's all reined in by melodic guitar overlays (as on the brilliant Underwound) and great tunes/lyrics (Killing Time). The Wild Huntsman sounds a bit like a Thurston Moore-style album filler, a little less memorable compared to the other tracks, even if the musicianship is first rate.

The Sailplanes should be congratulated for coming up with a truly excellent EP that absorbs and entertains without compromising their avant garde roots. I have eaten my humble pie.

*As those of us who like to pretend to be Cockneys say.