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The Deepest Red
By Sean

following on from their last ep, the sailplanes give us 4 further reasons to love them. this time it’s all a bit zestier, and sounds even more like early-era sonic youth at their most visceral than they did before - with the emphasis 60% on slightly jarring noise, and 40% on the tunes. which, in case you thought otherwise, is only ever a good thing

mixing the vocalists adds different intensities to each offering too, and their refusal to involve a bass guitarist with the venture keeps it feeling very fresh and raw.

criticisms? well, maybe the similarity to their peers is a little too apparent at times – perhaps down to that distinctive guitar sound in particular – which will likely give some detractors a scrap of ammunition. but thankfully mere morsels are all that the negative points could amount to.

the sailplanes are one of the countrys most interesting acts right now; we should probably put on some kind of show with them i guess in an attempt to look cool…

24th august 2006