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God Is In The TV Zine
By Alex Worsnip

The Sailplanes must be a relatively new band - a Google search reveals
that they don't appear on a single website. This could be a worrying
sign, but after a listen to their new demo EP, it merely gives me
enormous pleasure to give them their first taste of web exposure -
because either this band is destined for some serious status or the
world is a very unjust place. It's always wonderfully satisfying to
receive a good demo, because you really want to like demos - it's just
usually the case that they're unsalvageable. Swoosh, however, could not
be further from this. Excluding a thirty-second drum instrumental and a
perfectly acceptable but not particularly transforming cover of
Sleater-Kinney's 'Things You Say', we are left with two tracks to give
us a real flavour of The Sailplanes. Both are excellent -
'Indifference' is does Sonic Youth better than anything they themselves
have done in years. But the real stunner is lead-off track 'I See You
Walk' - an instantly memorable hook intoned in Stacey Hine's
disaffected vocal combines with weaving guitar effects in the verses
and squalls of discordantly beautiful noise in the chorus. It's a
genuine fully formed track, expertly constructed and even reasonably
produced. If it's anything to go by, they have a future - they're the
kind of band I'd sign on the spot in some dreamlike parallel universe
where I own a record label.