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The Deepest Red
Maps Magazine
By Rashied Garrison

Now this is what I'm talking about. This makes you sit up and listen from the first second. There is a real urgency to the Sailplanes that I really really like, and this is by far and away their best work yet. Stacey's vocals remind me of Ut & early Siouxsie. Tim has a really great vicious snarl, spitting out the words like his life depended on it. They're playing for their lives on these tracks! And what I also like as well, is that the Sailplanes are a band who live and breathe and recall what it used to mean to be an 'independent' band, from the days before irony and Zane Lowe and AC/DC t-shirts and Pitchfork and stupid haircuts. Gunshot drumming, scratchy guitar, fuzz guitar, noise guitar is where it is at. The Sailplanes have got all those. "Shoulders back, show some respect' - yes ma'am! 'Motorway signs put dots in my eyes and coffee stains my teeth' - we've all been there. 'Smoking is boring and sleeping is lazy' - these are my mottos too. Though I like sleeping. 'Won't you come in from the cold?' spits Tim at the end of The Wild Huntsman. I wish the music buying public would welcome the Sailplanes in the from the cold, with this cd in every house in the land! Yes! Let's do it, kids! Great recording as well.