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The Deepest Red
Wears The Trousers
By Russell Barker


As with many stupendous live acts, the studio version
of Londonís The Sailplanes doesnít quite have the same
impact, but when the songs are as strong as they are
on this latest EP it hardly seems to matter. Packed with
stark and scratchy, paranoid and jerky numbers very
much in thrall to early Sonic Youth, The Deepest Red
reveals a band thatís on to a very good thing. After all,
there are far worse things they could be doing than
channeling the energy and zest of the ĎYouth into
these excellent, ramshackle songs.

Seven Ships Lost makes for an intense, rumbling start
with plenty of needling guitars and a lightly melodious
feel that marries well with a crisp delivery from singer/
guitarist Stacey Hine. Next, Underwound jolts you out
of your seat with a short sharp shock as co-vocalist
Tim Webster blasts the song into your skull. Killing
Time, whose lyrics give the EP takes its name, is the
clear standout ó itís a little bit second-wave punk, quite
a lot riot grrrl and all fantastic. Much darker and sinister
than the rest of the EP is The Wild Huntsman, which
rounds off proceedings with a memorable mid-section
where the song fades out until its almost inaudible,
then after what seems like an eternity springs back
into life.

Grab a copy of this and if you like what you hear just
a little, go and see them live. You wonít be disappointed.