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The Deepest Red
Lost Music
By Trev

The Sailplanes are a three piece band that appear to be from or at least based in London. They make a fine brand of guitar noise. I have been meaning to do a brief little review for ages. And now it seems is the time.

So what do the Sailplanes sound like? A healthy dose of good era Sonic Youth is what immediately hits me. Good era? 1985 through 1987 being the time I recall as SY's best. There are four songs on the bands my space page. That's not to say that the Sailplanes are just copyists. They are not. They add enough of their own ingredients to be satisfying in their own right. On 'Killing Time' the band have the fuzz guitars up and some killer deadpan female lead vocals. This is good stuff. Very good stuff.

'The Wild Huntsman' starts with less distort guitars. A chiming sound. Male lead vocals for a change. Drums rattle. It reminds me of someone. Can't quite put my finger on who at the moment. Either way. It's still compelling guitar music.