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The Deepest Red
The Music Zine
By Tom Whitson

The Sailplanes are a three piece hailing from London comprising of Stacey (guitar/vox), Tim (guitar/vox) and Yola (drums). Their un-compromising style is clear from the offset as I read through their press release. They call the bass guitar ""redundant and boring to play,"" A point which for the most part is undeniable. Their musical style is perfectly reflected in that one sentence.

The Sailplanes are a band that care deeply about the music the write and have clearly mastered their ditinct style. Their Sonic Youth style vocals and their heavy clashing, wailing guitars are a relatively new sound on the scene.

The EP opens with 'Seven Ships Lost' a track that sets out their style and rocks out along the way. Right from the offset they play with a passion and style that sets them apart. It helps that Stacey sounds uncannily like Kim Gordon. Their tracks are short sharp and to the point, there is no waffle, no unneccasary bullshit, it's all substance with The Sailplanes.

The Sailplanes are the cat's whiskers! Ain't that the truth! Keep it up guys!